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Breeding Philosophy

CherMa’Ki Siamese is a small cattery. We do a few carefully planned breedings per year. Although we deeply value and appreciate the Siamese Breed, we also strongly believe in not contributing to the overpopulation of cats in our society. Showing and breeding cats requires an enormous commitment and responsibility and we take this very seriously. Our ethical philosophy regarding breeding pedigree cats is that it is important to maintain the integrity and distinct breed characteristics of the diverse breeds, however, breeders should not become reliant on breeding cats for income. We feel that the well-being of the cats is inevitably compromised when this occurs.

The endeavor of breeding and showing pedigree cats is a costly one when it occurs under the highest standards. To fully care for multiple cats in the way that they truly deserve requires a great deal in terms of time, attention, and financial resources.

We find that that this endeavor, although enormously challenging when done properly, is well worth the effort----the intrinsic rewards of the love, devotion, humor, nurturing, and attention our grateful feline companions give us and the “special people” who adopt our babies, make it all worthwhile. And lastly, the honor of, in our own small way, contributing to the evolvement of the wondrous Siamese Breed, truly makes us realize and appreciate that breeding pedigree cats is not only a science, but a “noble form of art”…

Cattery Accommodations

Since we are a small cattery, our girls have free run of our home. A few feet from our house we have a climate controlled 10 by 20 cedar building with multiple windows where our boys reside and have free run of this space. Our boys get along well since they were mostly raised together. One of our boys is in a cage some of the time because he does not enjoy his other male friends. He is in a very large cage and he is allowed free run frequently when we alternate with the other guys.

Mickey, our recent regional win does not spray and lives in our large bedroom where he enjoys his new relaxing lifestyle.

Since we rarely have more than one litter at a time, our kittens are raised in a large bathroom connected to our master bedroom. This allows us to be very involved in their development and to socialize them daily.

View from the Cattery

Another View from the Cattery




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