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We absolutely love to hear from the wonderful folks all over the country who have opened their hearts and homes to CherMa'Ki Kittens and Retired Adults. Below are some of the endearing words and photos that folks have shared with us about their cherished companions...


Happy Holidays, Cheryl

Thought you might like an update on The Duke. He is doing so well, it's simply amazing how well he has fit right into our lives. He's learning something everyday, and it's so much fun to see him discover even the most mundane object and make a game out of it. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. This cat is NOT shy! He's got "the life" as they say. Spoiled rotten and very loving. Can't say enough great things about him. I've attached some photographs taken by a friend. He's gorgeous, as you can see.

PS, he did have his "procedure" two weeks ago and came through like a champ!

Manhattan, NY


Hello Cheryl,

Just wanted to thank you for Ellie Mae. She is absolutely wonderful! Cheryl trusted me with Ellie - a 4 1/2 year old Blue point female. I got my last Siamese, Jazzie, from Cheryl almost 3 years ago. Jazzie and I lost our 16 year old Sierra last year, and I decided that it was time to get Jazzie a buddy. I didn't want a kitten, didn't want an aggressive cat, etc. so I contacted Cheryl and "put in my order". She selected Ellie Mae for me and she is perfect. I have had her almost 3 months now and she and Jazzie are starting to bond. I got Ellie to be Jazzie's buddy, but I guess no one told her that. She is SO bonded to me! Follows me around and sits on me whenever she can. Her personality is wonderful - so sweet and friendly. I have discovered that she is very outgoing, also. She now goes over and sits down on everyone who comes to visit.

Thank you again Cheryl for allowing me to add Jazzie and Ellie to my home. I highly recommend Cheryl's cats - my two are beautiful, healthy, happy, and friendly.

Sandy Kemper


Oz here!

I hope you remember me! I was born on August 1, 2006. Tinkerbell and Mickey were my folks until you found me my furever family with my Meowmy and Poppy. Meowmy says I have grown to be a very handsome little poppet and everyone here just loves me, loves me, loves me. I have lots of pipe cleaner spiders, a really nice soft bed next to the fireplace, and my Poppy lets me sleep next to him deep under the covers in the big bed.

Life is great for little me, until lately. My sweet purrrly girrrl, Princess Kayla, got really sick and is no longer here. She was Meowmy's shadow and slept on her pillow every night with her little head resting on Meowmy's hand. It is so sad here with Meowmy crying from missing her and me not understanding where she went. I keep calling for her and looking in all the rooms, but I can't find her. Meowmy just comes and gets me and cuddles me and said that in time things will get better. Even though I still hang out with Obi, he isn't like the purrrly girrrl. She would play hide and pounce and lick me in all the spots I couldn't reach. Obi is a geezer meezer and sleeps all day and all night next to fireplace – he isn't much fun at all.

Mrs. Cheryl, do you know of any pretty chocolaty or sealy girrrrl kitties that are looking for a furever home with a rowdy blue guy like me? She needs to be sweet and dainty with big pointy ears and likes to rumble with the Oz Poppet! I promise not to hog all the food and will even share my drooly spiders with her, although Meowmy will make sure she is bepussed in toys and jewels. She also has to like headbutts, cuz I have lots to give! I have included 2 pictures of myself that my Daddy took so you can show the little girl what she would be getting for a big brother.

Please let Meowmy know if you have a little girrrl who is ISO of a fun loving, furever brother like me. I am waiting and waiting and hoping that she will be here soon so I won't be so lonely anymore.

Lots of hugs and kisses,

CherMa'ki's Oz of Emerald City
a.k.a. Oz “Poppet”

p.s. (“paw script”) My Meowmy's name is Lesley Negri and we live in Ashburn , Virginia .


I haven't heard from you in a bit and just wanted to give you a quick status update on our little “Miss Full of Herself Bossy Britches” (aka, Bella Luna). She has put her pussy cat spell on all of us and we bow to her every whim. She has no manners and feels compelled to jump into my plate of scrambled eggs to get whatever she can possibly steal with lightening reflexes. I am not the only one she steals from, Adam and Alec both fight for the right to eat without her screaming and practicing her “plate” jumping techniques. We have to put food away immediately, since she can now scale the countertops in a single bound.

As you know, she loves the toys and each day takes each one for its “time” out. I find the toy box upended and her sitting in the middle of her “collection” whenever I come downstairs. Even the strictest master (my husband, Alec) turns into a child when he sees her batting around a little drooly spider and rolls around on the floor playing with her proclaiming “she is the cutest one ever”. We laugh hysterically when we see her watching the big screen – she really watches TV! We are going to see if we can find some cat DVRs with birds or fish for her. She likes action!

She has Obi wrapped around her little paw and he cuddles up with her and washes her little head. Oz is still a little stand offish and growls if she does something he doesn't like, but she is a determined little thing and a little growl doesn't thwart her efforts to win him over. She is chasing him up and down the cat tree and I have seen them running up the stairs together. Also, they are sleeping together, but not as close as her and Obi. She also sleeps with us at night deep under the covers. I try not to wake her…. if I do, she is on my neck making biscuits and sucking noises. Even with clawickies trimmed, those nails are still sharp.

Cheryl, we just positively adore her and want to thank you and Darren for making her part of our lives.

Lesley Negri
Ashburn, VA


Maxie is my best friend and GREATLY appreciate getting him from you.

Dean Murville




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