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A Brief History of CherMa'Ki Siamese

Our primary goal in raising Siamese is to show them. And ultimately, it is our sincere hope and desire to contribute in our own special way, to enhancing this already wonderful breed of cat. Our Siamese are registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), and are shown regularly at cat shows throughout the country. Our Siamese descend from lines that have achieved National and Regional recognition.

CherMa’Ki Siamese was established in 2002. However, I have loved the Siamese Breed for as long as I can remember… and I have shared my live with Siamese for the last 27 years.

Given that the development of our cattery and breeding program is fairly new, we are extremely proud and pleased by what we have accomplished in just a few short years.

Ruby Tuesday, Mickey’s Mom, was our first Grand Champion. Ruby granded in just 2 shows.

Mickey, our current star, granded in just one show. This was truly thrilling!!! Adonis, Mickey’s brother, granded this show season as well. Mickey and Adonis are our first 2 “home grown” Grand Champions.

And for Mickey to have become CFA’s Second Best Siamese, CFA’s Best Blue Point and to have achieved a Regional Win as the14th Best Cat in the Southern Region, is truly so very exciting for us!!!!

We are greatly looking forward to the continual evolvement of our breeding program. Our experiences with other breeders throughout this show season have been rewarding. We sincerely thank all of the breeders who have offered their friendship and mentorship.

We also fully recognize that our success speaks strongly to the contributions that multiple other Siamese Breeders have made to the Siamese Breed. For this we thank all of you, who in your own special and unique way, are making important refinements to this wonderful breed which we all adore!!! And we hope to continue to expand and deepen these relationships in the future.

We also are very appreciative of all the judges that contributed to Mickey’s enormous success. We are extremely grateful for the time and energy that all CFA Judges contribute to the judging process each and every show season.

In July, 2008, the online cat magazine,, published the story of two CherMa'Ki Siamese littermates, Ariel and Princess, and the exciting year they had in the show ring that led to our first National Winner and second National Breed Win.

To see their exciting story, go to A Year "Two" Remember




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