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Creating Masterpieces One Kitten at a Time…

“Even the smallest feline is a Masterpiece.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

When you welcome a Siamese into your home, your life changes forever more.

These amazingly intelligent creatures have a way of endearing themselves to their human companions like no other cat. Not only are they one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, but they are one of the most affectionate and responsive breeds that exist. Anyone who has ever had the gift of sharing their life with one of these blue-eyed wonders will attest to this undeniable fact.

About CherMa'Ki

CherMa’Ki is a small home-based cattery dedicated to raising loving, healthy and beautiful Siamese. Siamese are intensely interactive creatures requiring (and in some cases demanding) your attention. Their evolved intelligence and their desire for deep human connection make them the perfect companions for people who revel in this kind of highly interactive relationship with their four-legged companions.

CherMa’Ki Siamese is a registered cattery with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the largest cat registry in the world. We are also members of CFA’s Siamese Breed Council.

Our Home

We are located in the beautiful county of Gloucester, Virginia, about 35 minutes from Williamsburg. We live on nearly four acres of lovely land that we have named “Westryn Wind”.

Contact Us

If you are considering inviting a kitten or a retired adult Siamese into your life, we would love to talk with you in depth. If we don’t have the sex or color of cat that you would like at the time you call, we will gladly place you on a waiting list until your ideal kitten or retired adult is available.

Siamese are worth waiting for - and given their long lifespan,
your Siamese will share your life for many joyful years!!!

We greatly look forward to sharing with you our experiences with our beloved Siamese companions.

Cheryl, Darren and Noah Kerney
Gloucester, Virginia




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